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  • - Standard build (35mmx45mm frame, ex16mm T&G)
  • - Combination build (35mmx45mm frame, ex19mm T&G)
  • - Heavy Duty build (35mmx65mm frame, ex19mm T&G)
  • - Tanalised(Tanalith E)
  • - Add a Stable Door
  • - Move door and window positions to your preference
  • - Increase the height of your building (standard height at the eaves is 1830mm internal)
  • - Double doors (1200mm)
  • - Wide door (900mm)
  • - Standard door (750mm)
  • - Range of standard sizes or choose bespoke sizes if you can’t find one to suit




Possible styles, some styles will not be available due to the type of construction and frame layout, these are used as possible examples and require confirmation from Sheds Direct before ordering.


View our Apex Garden Shed Prices here!

View our Apex Garden Shed Styles here!


Picture 1 and 2 are the standard build excel range and pictures 3,4,5 and 6 show a tanalised Excel Apex combination build garden shed with optional press lock and D handle.


All of our product are fully T&G construction (including floor, wall and roof) we do not use sheet or composite materials!

Our Excel Apex sheds feature roof trusses / truss so no sagging roofs, which often happens with other cheaper apex roofed garden sheds.

This versatile Excel Apex Garden Shed gives you a choice from a range of options including:-

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